The Science of Social Skills with Mad Science

The Science of Social Skills with Mad Science

It’s Back! Wasatch Family Therapy presents The Science of Social Skills! Starting Monday June 9th

Wasatch Family Therapy is, once again, teaming with Mad Science to provide an innovating and hands on experience to learn social skills. Many kids excel in science because it is logical and predictable. Human behavior is much more complex. We will be using the laws of science to help explain social etiquette in a new and fun way.

This six week group is held Mondays starting June 9th from 4-5 pm

Price: $45 per week/ per child.  

Science Mania

Lights…Color… Action! – Catch some cool colors and make a rainbow out of white light. Split your name with ink and reveal numbers with color filters. Color the world with the Technicolor Blender. Social Skill: Color personality test– understanding yourself and others

Magnetic Magic – Explore the power of magnets. Create electromagnets and control a compass needle. See a magnetic accelerator in action. Grab a Magnet Lab for some at-home research. Social Skill: Attracting friends: Friendship making skills.

Mission: Nutrition – Step into some healthy habits. Put together a food pie and lay out a perfectly proportioned meal. Burn calories and shake up an emulsion. Clip on your Step-O-Meter and walk on!Social Skill: Self-care and coping skills.

Optical Illusions – Work against your eyes. Trick your brain with lines and coils. Discover how mirrors and theirreflections can play tricks on what you see. Make a Periscope to see above and beyond. Social Skill: Empathy: Understanding other people’s point of view.

Sonic Sounds – Uncover the source of sound! Tap into sound waves and fill your ears with vibrations. Create sound effects and change the pitch of your voice. Use your Sonic Horn to make noise. Social Skill: Controlling your behavior.

Watts-Up – Charge up on static electricity. Make indoor lightning and conduct hair-raising experiments with anelectro-static generator. Use your Static Stick on electrons at home!  Social Skill: Recognizing strengths: yourself and others.

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