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Deseret News

Deep in the heart of texting (6.03.12)
Is humiliation a parenting strategy? (5.6.12)
Conference to offer parenting tips (4.30.12)
Would you like fries with that? (1.16.12)
Which child has a disability? (11.28.11)
Talking shop on Thanksgiving (11.21.11)
Another great generation (09.19.11)
Is there anything you wouldn’t buy at Costco? (04.18.11)


Can too much happiness make you UNhappy? (04.12.12)
Videos asking “Am I pretty or ugly?” (03.05.12)
Bill target Utahns considering marriage, divorce (04.2.12)
Powell case raises questions about custody laws (02.06.12)
Powell case: Using social media constructively (02.06.12)
Don’t let seasonal depression get you down (01.10.12)
Waiting Period Before Divorce Could Prevent Split Families (10.25.11)
Having a Favorite Child May Not Be Such A Bad Thing (10.7.11)
Have Playgrounds become Too Safe, Stifling Development? (9.24.11)
Mean Girls Get Married (9.14.11)
Do You Have An Overbooked Child? (8.22.11)
The Importance of Social Emotional Learning (8.22.11)
Battling Summer Depression (6.14.11)
Pre-baby Counseling Aims To Keep Marriage Strong (5.20.11)
Helping Your Child Become A Real-Life Hero (5.17.11)
Initiative Seeks Women To Work Out Finances Online

Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Tribune Don’t Let Dating End With Marriage
Salt Lake Tribune Christians and Infidelity

KSL Radio

KSL Radio Deep In The Heart of Texting
KSL Radio Why Are We More Stressed and Anxious?
KSL Radio How Do You Rate Your Marriage?
KSL Radio Facebook & Grief


Fox 13 News

Settling the Chore War in Your Relationship (8.14.11)
Jeans for Genes: Eating Disorder Awareness

KUTV 2 News

Power Affairs: Why do men who have it all cheat?
Are Online Marriages Happier?

Other Local Media

BYU Universe Local Clinic Gives Free Therapy For Canned Goods (10.4.11)
KZHT Radio Mean Girls Get Married (9.19.11)
STGNews.com Avoiding the Wicked Stepmother Trap


Local Articles and Advice Columns

Wasatch Woman
Jan 2011 – Marriage Q & A
Help Your Child Become A Real-Life Hero
New Study: Facebook Boosts Self-esteem
Pack Rats: Why We Hold On To Stuff & How To Let Go
How To Celebrate Our Differences
How To Think More Like A Man
How To Assess Your Child’s Self-esteem
How To Stop Overreacting
Does My Child Have ADD? What To Do When The Teacher Calls
All He Wants For Christmas Is You
What You Don’t Know About Good Parenting
Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother
Sister Power: How Sisters Improve Mental Health
Mini Changes That Will Boost Your Mood
Simplify Your Day: The Art of Leaving Things Undone
Raising An Emotionally Healthy Child
Boost Your Emotional Energy
Emotional Spring Cleaning
The Sibling Shuffle: Solutions for Parenting More Than One Child
Love Your Body With Out Losing A Pound
Find The Voice To Say NO
Men, Women & Time Differences
Find Time For Yourself
Understanding Your Emotional Style
Toss Your To-Do List!
How To Be An Involved Grandparent
That’s What I Like About Me: Accepting Your Strengths
Find Inspiration In A Female Mentor
Do Your Emotional Family History
What Will I Do When My Child Disappoints Me?

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