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This Week at Wasatch Family Therapy 2/3/14

This Week at Wasatch Family Therapy 2/3/14

Clair Mellenthin, LCSW
will be presenting to Women in Private Practice

Thursday, February 6, 9 am

During this private event Clair will be presenting on the importance of understanding relationships through an attachment theory lens.

K.I.D.S Social Skills Group

Friday, February 7, 5 pm

Designed for school-aged children, this group will provide opportunities to learn how to navigate of social situations and understand what it means to be a friend. Through activities and skill building group members will practice building healthy relationships.
Register your child for the KIDS group

Celebrate National Play Therapy Week

February 3 – February 7

This week is national play therapy week! We want you to help us celebrate by recognizing the importance of play. So, get out there and play with your kids! Learn more about play therapy.

* Registration is still open for our 6-week Hold Me Tight couples workshop in Davis County!

Starts next Monday 2/10

Reserve your spot today

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