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Sick with “I’m Not Worthy Syndrome?” Here’s the cure for this self-esteem-sapping-itis:

The “I’m Not Worthy Syndrome” was popularized by the Saturday Night Live recurring skit “Wayne’s World” performed by comedians Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in the late 80’s. As a teenager at the time, I remember laughing with friends as we mimicked the phrase “I’m not worthy!” repeatedly to one another in social situations relevant to the coined phrase. However, the I’m Not Worthy Syndrome is no laughing matter! The sad reality is many people struggle with feelings of unworthiness that sap their self-esteem and rob them from the richness and joy to be experienced in daily living. Wasatch Family Therapy Woman

Q: What is the I’m Not Worthy Syndrome?

A: “I’m Not Worthy Syndrome” is a colloquial term rather than an identified mental health disorder referring to the tendency to believe ourselves unworthy of the endless positive experiences life has to offer. We may believe we are unworthy of love, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, financial success, our goals and dreams, physical health, peace of mind—the list is endless and can induce withholding ourselves from such fundamental needs as feeling safe, feeling joy, and feeling purpose in living.