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5 Expectations For Women To Let Go: Studio 5

We’re giving you permission to let yourself off the hook. Let go of unrealistic expectations and live a happier, more satisfying life. Therapist, Julie Hanks has the top 5 expectations every woman should let go.


Moms With 3 Kids Most Stressed: KSL News

A recent survey on found that mothers with 3 children report the highest level of stress – more stress than moms who have 4 or more children.

KSL news reported Devan Dolan reached out to me to see why I think moms with 3 children report the most stress.



5 Things to Let Go: Studio 5

When we let go of destructive patterns we create room for love, appreciation and growth. We live a fuller and more meaningful life and we aren’t weighed down by the trivial.

Director of Wasatch Family Therapy in Davis County, Holly Willard shared five things we should all let go.


Combating Teen Body Trends: Julie Hanks on HuffPost Live

There’s a new body obsession among some teen girls called “the thigh gap.”

I was invited to participate on this HuffPost Live panel and discuss how we can to combat this dangerous trend.

Here’s the link to the Segment