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Becoming a Stepfather: 3 Ways to Avoid the Creep Factor

“There’s a creep factor when all of a sudden some guy is coming into the house.” This quote by Paul Lee, a stepfather interviewed in the Salt Lake Tribune’s recent article on stepfamilies, perfectly describes the uncomfortable situation many new stepfamilies find themselves in. How do you navigate the issue of combining a group of people of different ages, genders, and genes into one family under one roof? Here are 3 tips that might help:


Don’t Let Dating End After Marriage

Wasatch Family TherapyA new date night service for married couples called “See You at Seven” was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune’s article “Don’t let dating end with marriage”. It also features a couple of quotes from me about the importance of continuing to date your spouse and why some people married couples stop dating.  Check it out here (my quotes are on pg. 2)

Read article in Salt Lake Tribune

Do you date your spouse? What are your favorite “date night” activities?

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