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Texting Doesn’t Replace Comfort Of Mother’s Voice: KSL TV News


A new study published in Evolution & Human Behavior shows their no substitute for hearing your mother’s voice to calm daughters who are stressed. I sat down earlier today with Brooke Walker at KSL TV News to share my thoughts on this news study.

Give what I’ve learned about attachment theory, the results of this study aren’t surprising. Nothing can replace the presence and voice of a parent to soothe a stressed child.


Infant Attachment Impacts Couples Recovery After Fights

Wasatch Family Therapy CouplesSecure infant attachments impact adult couple’s ability to recovering from a fight according to researchers Jessica E. Salvatore, a Ph.D. student, with Sally I-Chun Kuo, Ryan D. Steele, Jeffry A. Simpson, and W. Andrew Collins, all from the University of Minnesota. They found that “people who were more securely attached to their caregivers as infants were better at recovering from conflict 20 years later.”