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Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary Today!

Today marks the 10 years since of the founding of  Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC. I started out as a solo practitioner and big dreams of creating an exceptional therapy clinic that not only provides excellent clinical services, but also provides therapists the opportunity to create their “dream practice” in a nurturing work environment that supports personal growth and strong family relationships.

As I take a step back and reflect on this ten year journey many tender emotions surface. I am grateful for all of the trusting  clients who have allowed us to support them during life crises, transitions, and difficult times. Thank you to our amazing clients!

10 Year Milestones

  • 10,000 families served
  • 4000 + social media updates
  • 300 local and national media interviews
  • 50 Newsletters sent
  • Grown from 1 to 14 therapists
  • 13 interns trained or supervised
  • 1 to 2 clinic locations
  • 9 babies born to our staff members
  • 5 office spaces outgrown
  • 0 to 2 office and support staff

Ask A Therapist: Sister Needs Therapy But Can’t Afford It

Q: Are there any resources for my sister-in-law who’s suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, depression and wants therapy but can’t afford it? (concerned sister in St. Louis, MO)