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Overcoming Envy: Quoted in Ladies Home Journal

Wish you had someone else’s life? If you only knew…

Pick up June 2011 LHJ and turn to pg. 47 “Why Can’t I Be You?”

While at the grocery store this morning I thought I’d check the magazine section to see if, by chance, they had the June issue of Ladies Home Journal. I’d done an interview with LHJ 8 months ago and I heard that the article might be published in the June issue. They HAD it and the article WAS published. The woman at the check out stand said, “There must be something really good in this issue, huh?” as she rang up my 3 copies of the same magazine. I couldn’t resist so I blurted out, “Yes! I’m quoted in it,” with a big grin on my face, pleased that a little Utah therapist is quoted in a large, national woman’s magazine. I’m still smiling as I’m typing this.