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Face Your Fear and Anxiety

Most people experience fear or worry to some degree at different times in their life.  Fear is a normal and necessary tool that our bodies create in response to dangerous or potentially dangerous situations.  It helps us identify threatening situations, and initiates the fight or flight response, causing us to react and protect ourselves.  Some of us even seek out this response for the “rush” by watching horror films, going to haunted houses, skydiving, riding roller coasters, or participating in high extreme sports.

We enjoy this, because not only is the fear present for a short amount of time, but the threat is fairly controlled and allows us to feel the pleasurable side of the fear response without being in any real danger.  However, what if you’re living in a constant state of worry, or always feeling uneasy about every possible threat that may or may not exist?  This is more about anxiety than general fear, and it can be very overwhelming and exhausting.  If you are someone that struggles with anxiety, here are some things you can do to begin managing it:

Spend at least 2-minutes, 5 times per day doing calming exercises. 

These may include deep breathing, visualization, listening to calming music, physical exercise, or anything else that relaxes you.  This will help prevent your anxiety from becoming too overwhelming or out of control.