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Kids & Consequences – 5 Questions to Ask Before Rescuing: Studio 5

It’s natural for Moms and Dads to want to jump in and “fix it’ when kids are faced with a problem. But sometimes rushing to the rescue can do more harm than good. Therapist, Julie Hanks, LCSW has five questions to ask yourself before you rescue your child from natural consequences.


The only source of knowledge is experience – Einstein

Being a “good parent” usually means being involved in your child’s life and “doing” things for your child, like volunteering in school, attending their sporting events and teaching values and skills. Allowing your child to experience natural consequences is painful for parents because they require us to do less or to not do something which might leave you feeling like a “bad” parent. You may want to rescue your child from natural consequences to prevent your child from feeling pain, to keep your child happy, or to make your child like you. Or you may intervene in natural consequences to ease your own pain. It’s hard to see your child struggle with difficult emotions like disappointment, failure, and loneliness.

If our job as parents isn’t to keep our kids happy, what is our job? It’s to do what we can to raise responsible children who grow up and contribute something positive to society, and to encourage self-awareness and sensitivity to others so they can grow up to create fulfilling adult relationships and healthy families.