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Preventing Food Allergy Bullying: Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

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Food allergies affect 1 in 100 kids these days. That means, your child, someone at your child’s school, or someone you know probably has a food allergy. These allergies can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and bullying or teasing by others. Clair Mellenthin, LCSW joins KUTV Fresh Living to discuss ways to protect a child with food allergies.

Watch the interview.

Tips for Protecting Your Child:

1. Always advocate for your child. Educate teachers, peers, and others (ie. airlines) regarding the consequences of a child being exposed to the allergen.
2. Be open and honest with your child about the risks associated with their allergy.
3. Keep open lines of communication with your child about their feelings or fears about their allergy. This will give them the opportunity to open up if someone is giving them a hard time.

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