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5 Ways To Think Like A Champion


I ran across this fantastic article by Jon Gordon which talks about how to think like a champion. He lists 5 easy steps to help create a mindset or enhance your belief system to help you elevate your game like a champion in the game of life.

1. Champions Expect to Win – When they walk on the court, on the field, into a meeting or in a classroom they expect to win. They expect success and their positive beliefs often lead to positive actions and outcomes. This gives a new meaning to the popular saying “fake it till you make it”!


The Positive Pledge

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Often times we get down in the dumps and very critical of ourselves and cannot see past the negatives. I came across this cool concept by Jon Gordon called “The Positive Pledge” which states the following:

I pledge to be a positive person and positive influence on my family, friends, co-workers, and community.

I promise to be positively contagious and share more smiles, laughter, encouragement, and joy with those around me.