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5 Reasons Healing Outdoors Can Work for You

Have you been looking for an alternative to traditional office therapy that includes an outdoor component? Then you would very likely find that Healing Outdoors therapy is a compelling option for you.

I’ve had people tell me for some time “when you start doing therapy outside, let me know.” That time has arrived! I’m letting people know.

Therapy or Healing Outdoors on the trail works because you’re outdoors in amazing beauty. You feel better. You’re being active. Feeling alive. Feeling real!

Check out these five reasons why Healing Outdoors can just work for you.

You Love the Outdoors

People that love the outdoors seek to be outdoors. They look for every reason or excuse to hit the local hiking trail or go for a walk in the park. They find that being inside, even during the winter, is awful. They can’t wait for the day to end or the weekend to begin. Why? Because they want to be outside! If this description resonates with you, then having your therapy on the trail may be just the ticket for you.

You think Office Therapy is boring

Does the thought of being in an office setting for therapy bore you? Does it sound monotonous? Or at the very least make you feel a bit anxious? Have you tried office therapy and it just didn’t seem to work for you? Then Healing Outdoors is likely something you’d find worthwhile.

Therapy on the trail or in a local park is invigorating. Talking about life’s problems or concerns outdoors seems so much more doable. If this resonates with you, then definitely consider Healing Outdoors in the central Wasatch Mountains. 

You Want to be Outside. It just Feels Better

Does being inside on a sunny day make the day seem 16 hours long? Do you find yourself glancing out the window almost as often as we check our smart phones? If this sounds like you, then Healing Outdoors therapy sessions could very well work for you.

Clients and others in the community have told me for years that being inside can seem depressing. Exactly! Why not fight your depression, anxiety, or relationship problems on the trail?

You Believe that Moving Around Opens up Your Mind

Hiking or walking during a therapy session just seems to open up your mind and clear your head. Not only do you think more clearly, but you feel better. You’re definitely much less likely to have your mind wander during a Healing Outdoors therapy session. Oh, and if your mind does wander, it’s only because the beauty is so captivating that you were distracted by nature’s awesomeness.

You Find that Nature is Healing for You

This may be the most compelling reason for wanting to seek therapy on a local trail. Many people find being outside healing in and of itself. Combine that with the opportunity to talk through a problem or two on the trail and you’ve likely got a winning combination.

Hey that’s cool! What’s next?

If you found my 5 reasons I’ve listed to be compelling, please follow the link below to get additional information. You’ll also be shown how to schedule your own Healing Outdoors therapy session. You can then begin your therapeutic journey to find that happier and more effective you that you’ve been desperately wanting to discover.


Healing Outdoors




Couples Hack. 8 Ways Couples That Hike Together, Stay Together (And are Much Happier Too)


Okay, it may seem a bit obvious that getting outdoors with your spouse or significant other will strengthen your relationship. Bring you closer together. Absolutely ramp up your closeness. However, when was the last time you made an effort to hike with him alone? Backpack with her without the kids? Truly connect in a way that feels deep and REAL. Something you want to repeat?

It’s been awhile, huh!

Getting outdoors with him will not only build your relationship, it will build YOU. Here are 8 reasons why putting hiking back on your relationship table is so critical.

1) Hiking will make you closer. Getting outside in nature will make you feel closer, period. I’ve talked with couples after their weekend hike or backpack trip. They absolutely believe that getting out on the trail brought them closer. Sometimes it’s the roaring creek they crossed carefully together. Other times it’s waking up together in a tent in the Uinta Mountains. The examples are endless. Although it’s a subjective feeling, couples tell me in counseling sessions that it just felt awesome.

2) Hiking clears your head. Couples that spend too much time in their head (and you know who you are) feel distracted. Disconnected. Longing for closeness. Hitting the trail allows you to focus on nature’s amazing beauty. It also allows you to focus on each other in ways that the movie or dinner just CAN’T accomplish. Distractions fade, and the intensity of focus on each other increases. In fact, you may actually forget about the office for a few hours. Or hopefully for the entire, connective weekend. Nice!

3) Hiking makes intimacy better. One huge benefit to exercise in the backcountry is better and more consistent intimacy. Couples that hit the trail together find each other more appealing. More attractive. More interesting. It should come as no surprise that their interest in being more affectionate also increases. And who doesn’t want better sex in their relationship or marriage? Who doesn’t want to feel more attractive to him or her? Makes sense!

4) Hiking is a crazy cheap date. Finding time to date your spouse is one thing. Actually coming up with the money to pay for it is quite another. Couples find hiking very inexpensive. It’s really the cost of gas and a few snacks. And with so many trails available in the Salt Lake City area, finding a trail is simply not the problem. So why not ditch the movie and grab him/her and hit the beautiful mountain trail!

5) Hiking will make you so much healthier. As someone that has hiked for many years, I know firsthand that the benefits of hiking are truly endless and so amazing. Although I like the gym, I would much rather hit the trail than hit the treadmill for cardio. When we hike on a consistent basis, we not only become healthier, we absolutely ramp up our immune system. We don’t get sick as often. We don’t feel rundown or lethargic. The apathy in our marriage just disappears. We appreciate each other more. Sweet!

6) Hiking absolutely begets more hiking. Now you may be saying to yourself, how do I get started? The answer is found in many sports commercials. We just do it! Further, how do you start anything worth while in your life? Recall when you were considering going back to school? You likely laid out a plan and actually followed through with that plan. Hiking consistently is very much like going back to school. It’s about building a better you. It is so true that hiking really does beget MORE HIKING. Give it a try!

7) Couples that hike together are happier. As a family therapist that has counseled couples for many years, I’m constantly looking for ways to help couples improve their relationships. Searching for ideas that will get their couple relationship to the next level of connection or affection. The answer more often than not is to actually spend TIME together. Thus, couples that hike together not only stay together, but they do so because they’re happier. Hiking or running on the trail simply enhances closeness. When we feel better about ourselves, we feel better about our relationships. It really is that simple.

8) Hiking is a great inoculation for marriage problems. It is my experience that it’s usually not the big things that make couple relationships disconnect. It’s the little things over-time that do it. Little things such as inattention. Disconnection. Or the oft mentioned boredom, that produces disaffection in relationships. When we hike together couples absolutely inoculate their relationship from these fairly common marriage pitfalls.

Where do I go from here? Imagine hiking in seemingly endless fields of wildflowers with your awesome husband. Imagine sitting by a cold mountain stream as the water rushes by you and your wife. Can you picture seeing a moose in an alpine meadow as you take pictures safely with your digital zoom camera? And can you imagine going on a winter hike or snowshoe adventure with him or her? Or hitting the Cottonwood Canyons in October for the amazing splendor of Autumn Aspen in Utah?

If any of these hit home with you, then you’re ready for the next step. Actually getting out for a hiking adventure in our amazing northern Utah backcountry. The Wasatch Mountains are peppered with trails for all hiking and experience levels. It doesn’t matter where you live, it only matters that you’re willing to get out there. Try it. You will absolutely love it. And your couple relationship will too!

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Michael Boman, LCSW, is a Healing Outdoors expert in Cottonwood Heights. Michael schedules Healing Outdoors therapy sessions on select local trails. If you would like to learn more about Healing Outdoors and if it’s the right counseling approach for you, Michael can be reached via email at