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“Help!!!…I’m Stuck!!!…”

One of my biggest fears growing up was falling into a pit of quicksand and not being able to get out.  There was such a state of panic in my mind when I would see characters fall into quicksand and the harder they would try to get out, the more impossible it seemed.  The other scary part about it was that the characters never knew where the quicksand was.  Without even realizing it, they would be stuck in this deathtrap.
(c) Can Stock Photo

This experience of “being stuck” has become a reality for many of my clients.  I hear it in a lot of forms:  “I just feel stuck,” “I feel like I am in a rut,” “I am going around in circles,” “I feel like when I take one step forward, I take two steps back,” and “I feel like I have painted myself in a corner.”  Maybe you can identify with this state of helplessness or hopelessness?