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Infatuation…Makes Your Brain Act Like A Crack Addict!

Oh the joys of infatuation.  Did you know if you take an MRI of a brain during infatuation and compare that to the MRI of a crack addict they would look almost identical?  I have seen it myself.  However infatuation can be a good drug, that is if you don’t become too addicted to it.

Infatuation is an altered state of consciousness meaning you usually say and do things in that state that you would not usually do.  Infatuation floods the brain with ‘feel goods’ like dopamine.  It is a natural drug in many ways and it has a purpose!  Infatuation gets us to meet, mate and procreate!  This semi-drug allows us to focus on one partner, as well as, see the positives and eliminate, or conveniently not notice the negatives.  Lastly, it helps us get into relationships and keeps us there long enough to develop a deeper connection.

So what are the signs of infatuation (any of these sound like a drug to you?):