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Julie Hanks to Present at Uplift Families Parenting Conference with Utah’s First Lady

Uplift Families ConferenceI have the pleasure to speak at the Uplift Families Parenting Conference on September 13th. Hosted by Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert, this exciting event will feature several prominent presenters who will help us learn to develop and celebrate meaningful child-parent relationships. Come and be inspired as we discuss ways to uplift Utah families! Dinner is included.

My presentation will be focused on an area that parents (especially mothers) often neglect…yep, you guessed it! I’ll be tackling the topic of self-care for parents.

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Hope to see you in a few weeks at the conference!

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Helping Children Cope with Crisis: Caring for Yourself

COMFORTINGSharing information through writing is something I sincerely enjoy in my work as a clinician. Working both as a school psychologist in a public high school as well as a therapist at Wasatch Family allows me to interact with so many different people in any number of contexts. I am lucky to have many, many  interesting & insightful conversations, and am never at a loss for ideas to share here. Getting ready for this week, I had prepared something and had it ready to go.

Then I caught the news the last night.

Sadly, unbelievably, another school shooting has occurred.

I write that in isolation, nothing added to the paragraph because even with my close to twenty years of clinical experience, I am at a loss of what else to add. All of us, regardless of whether we have children in school or not,  likely feel some reaction to that type of news, though may experience or try to make meaning of it all  in vastly different ways. As I first watched the news, I must admit I was immediately shocked and then just overwhelmed with sadness. My significant other reacted with anger (“how could this happen again!”) My mother – anxious (“I worry about your nieces and nephews, they’re in high school!) My closest friend, who has a school age child, needed to not react (“I just can’t think about it”) and just pushed it out of her head.

Sadly, we’ve had ample opportunity to learn that, in fact, a range of emotional reactions following a school or community violent event is normal.