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Taking Mental Health Therapy Online: Julie Hanks Interview with WCG

bossWasatch Family Therapy director Julie Hanks, LCSW participated as a paneist on an online therapy presentation at South By Southwest conference last weekend in Austin, TX. Adam Pedowitz of WCG, a health care communications company,  interviewed Hanks on the benefits that online resources may have for mental health patients. Julie discusses educating the public regarding mental health matters and the benefits that an online presence can have for practitioners. Here are a few highlights…


Utah Social Worker Julie Hanks To Participate In SXSW Online Therapy Panel

SXSW Interactive 2012

South By Southwest Festival is legendary in the music, film, and technology worlds. I’ve always wanted to go, but this year I’m actually going to make the trek to Austin, TX to present on an interactive health panel! PsychCentral’s CEO and founder Dr. John Grohol, a pioneer in online counseling, invited me to participate on a panel called “Online Therapy…Naked?” . Yes, you read that right…n a k e d. An unlicensed NY woman (with a BS in Psychology) and founder of “Naked Therapy” who claims to be providing “therapy” online to “patients” while getting naked (and more) will be on the panel. Also, weighing in on the discussion will be LICENSED professional counselor Audrey Jung, LPC who provides legitimate online counseling services.