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Are We A Boring Couple? Julie Hanks quoted in Cosmopolitan

Do you ever compare yourself and your marriage to other couples who do exotic vacations, creative dates, and seem to be a lot more interesting than you and your spouse? I chatted with writer Kristina Grish, also a married woman, and gave her my thoughts on this topic for a Cosmopolitan article.

Are We Boring? (pdf download)


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“Frugal Fatigue” and Tips to Keep This From Hurting Your Marriage

Good Morning America reported the results of the infamous Black Friday today with a 16% increase in spending from last year.  They stated the reason for this increase in spending not as a result of increased resources, but as a result of frugal fatigue.  Meaning, people are sick and tired of being so frugal, and as a result, they go into spending mode.

While this is a great boost for the economy it may not be such a boost in the marriage.  It comes as no surprise that money can be an ‘issue’ in marriage.  The holidays, and increased spending this time of year, seem to heighten this issue between partners.  As a result, here are a few tips to limit the negative effects of finances on your relationship this holiday season.