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5 Common Road Blocks to Couple Intimacy

couple-listening-optimizedWant more intimacy in 2015?

5 common road blocks that could be keeping you and your partner from optimal intimacy!


Work life, parenting responsibilities, maintaining a home, dishes in the sink or a bedroom overcrowded with laundry, these are just a few examples of things that contribute to shaping our environment. Is there anything present or obstacles in your environment that could interfering with opportunities to create more intimacy. Environment can play a crucial role in our ability to focus and dedicate time to growing and nurturing intimacy in our home and relationships.


Love…but don’t lose yourself in dating

“In general, women are socialized to sacrifice self for the sake of relationship,” Hanks said in an e-mail. “I see many people in therapy who don’t have a strong sense of self before getting into the relationship. Many people look to a relationship to give them a sense of value or worth only to realize that no one can give it to you.” (