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Taming Your Vicious Inner Critic (part 1): B98.7

You know that little voice in your head that narrates your life? Well, it can be vicious sometimes. In fact, most of us wouldn’t dare say to others the negative statements and criticisms we tell ourselves. I chatted with B98.7’s Erin on Todd and Erin’s morning radio show recently about ways to tame your inner critic and be kinder to yourself!

Erin says that her inner critic looks a lot like this mean lady ————>

Listen to tips on how to tame your inner critic and feel better about yourself!


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Dangers of Over Scheduling Your Child (part 1): B98.7

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, we did 1 (maybe 2) extra-curricular activities. It was soccer or piano or dance or drama or art class…not all of the above.

These days it seems that many well-meaning parents spend most of their after school time in the car, rushing around to pick up and drop off children from multiple activities.


How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (part 1): B98.7

Hearing glowing stories of near perfect mothers last Sunday can bring up your feelings of inadequacies as a wife and mother. I sat down with Todd & Erin on B98.7 Monday morning with tips on how to stop comparing ourselves to others and accept and acknowledge our own unique strengths as women.

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What To Do When Your Teen Is Acting Out: B98.7

Wasatch Family TherapyHere’s a great question from a B98.7 listener…

“When a teen is acting out by rebelling and doing drugs it requires more parent focus and family resources. What can we do to care for and support our other children while we handle this child in crisis?”

We tackle this question on “You and Yours with Julie Hanks” – B98.7 radio’s Todd & Erin Morning Show.

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How To Handle Unsolicited Advice: B98.7

Do you have a friend or neighbor who try to tell you what to do and how to do it? For example, how to parent your child when you never asked for input? How about a mother-in-law or family member who tell try to tell you how to live your life?


How To Get Past Your Past: B98.7 Radio

Have you been hurt in the past by your parents or other loved ones and can’t get past it? Is it hard to get past the pain and move on? Are you stuck in blame and don’t know what to do? Do you have a heard time expressing yourself and setting boundaries with the loved one who hurt you? Yesterday, I had a great chat with B98.7’s Todd & Erin radio show answering these important questions.