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5 Steps to a Powerful Apology: LCSW Julie Hanks on KSL’s Studio 5

Human beings are prone to mistakes, and we all have the experience of doing or saying something that has hurt another person (even someone we value and love). In order to repair those precious relationships, it is often necessary to apologize. But simply saying, “I’m sorry” is rarely enough. Here are 5 steps to giving a powerful, sincere apology:

1) Own Your Part
5 steps to a powerful apology
To truly mean that you are sorry, you need to own up to the specific thing you said or did that contributed to the other person’s pain. Take full responsibility for the part you played. Avoid general statements (“I’m sorry for whatever I did to hurt you”) or making reservations about the mistake you made. Have the courage to own up to your fault.


How to Say “I’m Sorry” to Someone You Love: 5 Tips for Offering a Sincere Apology

Wasatch Family Therapy CouplesIf you’re like me, you would rather walk barefoot through burning coals or attend a political fundraiser than actually admit you suffered a brief laps of judgement which led to hurting a loved one’s feelings.  Perhaps the two most difficult words to say in the English language are “I’m sorry.”  Why is it so hard to admit when we’ve made a mistake and then to offer a heart felt apology?

The truth is we all make mistakes.  Misunderstandings occur even among the closest family members, friends, and coworkers.  The good news is that a sincere and thoughtful apology can be a powerful tool to heal almost any relationship.

The following are five tips for offering sincere and effective apologies:


3 Small Ways To Make A BIG Difference In Your Marriage

Why is it that the person we love, care about, and trust the most, can also hurt us or make us feel sad more than anyone else? The answer is simple. It is not so much what our spouse or partner does, it is our expectations and our hurt that the person that we trust to protect us and love us more than anyone else could ever do something that would make us feel bad.