Lisa McLauchlin, LCSW

MSW, University of Utah

Wading through the difficulties of life can feel lonely and overwhelming. You may find yourself going through the motions, yet feel disconnected from the joy and connection you long to feel. You are not alone in this struggle. I want to walk with you along your healing journey, and share the tools to empower you to live the life you imagine.
Lisa McLauchlin, LCSW, St. George Director

I understand that you are facing some of the deepest pain you have known, and I admire the courage it takes to begin this walk. The work of healing is not one of perfection, but one of transformation. You do not have to do this work alone. I am passionate about helping individuals heal from the wounds they carry to live a more connected and enriching life. In my clinical work over the past 10 years I have found that my clients’ have all the potential for healing within. My work is simply to share the tools to unlock that power, and boldly connect you to your unique path and purpose. I use many traditional therapeutic approaches such as CBT, ACT, Attachment Theory, Jungian Analysis, and client directed spirituality. In conjunction, I also use modalities that help release trauma on a cellular level such as EMDR and other mindful and psychomotor interventions. All of these approaches are tailored to create a plan unique to you. I believe that in doing the inner work to heal yourself, the world around you begins to change.

Professional Highlights

  • Master of Social Work Degree, University of Utah
  • EMDR Institute Training
  • Over ten years of clinician experience

Specialty Areas

Trauma * EMDR * Eating Disorders * Body Image & Self Esteem * Emotional, Physical, and/or Sexual Abuse * Betrayal Trauma * Depression & Anxiety Disorders * Women’s Issues * Spirituality



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