Lacey Peterson, LCSW

LCSW, Rutgers University

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” -Maya Angelou
Lacey Peterson, LCSW
As a therapist, I know of few things more sacred than the act of holding space for another human as we wade through their devastating emotions and excruciating pain on the path toward personal growth and transformation. Each of us being the expert on ourselves, the solutions to our individual struggles lay inside us; often, these are left dormant and buried under years of unrealistic expectations, shame, and limiting beliefs. Healing comes from digging into and honoring those difficult changes to which Ms. Angelou referred, yet we can get stuck if we try to do it alone.
Therapy is a safe place where we no longer have to muddle through all on our own; we can identify and mourn our losses together and celebrate the wins along our journey in a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment. At the center of the therapeutic process is the healing power of empathy; when we allow all our parts – the beautiful right alongside the ones we view as ugly or damaged – to be seen, it gives us the opportunity to be fully accepted as a whole person. Such a healing experience can teach us to fully accept and love ourselves.
I sincerely feel honored when I get to join a client on their personal healing journey. If you think I may be a good fit for you as a therapist, I look forward to working with you!


Professional Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science degree in School Health from Utah Valley University (2012)
  • Master of Social Work degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2017)
  • Member, National Association of Social Workers (National and Utah Chapter)
  • Member, The LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapists Guild of Utah
  • Licensed as LCSW in Colorado and Utah

Specialty Areas

Survivors of Abuse and Trauma * Anxiety * Stress * OCD * Panic Disorders * ADHD * LGBTQ+ * Spirituality * Faith Crises and Transitions * Life Transitions * Addictions * Crisis Intervention * Highly Sensitive People (HSP) * Adolescents * Family Therapy * Marriage/Couples Therapy * Men’s Issues * Women’s Issues * Group Therapy * Play Therapy



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