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Penn State Abuse Scandal | Have Courage To Report Child Abuse: Julie Hanks LCSW on KSL News

No compromisingThe Penn State sexual abuse scandal has brought child abuse to the forefront of headlines across the nation. When I heard about this situation I was sickened for the victims – the children who were abused. While the news is focusing on Paterno and other school officials who were fired because of this scandal, and the student outrage about their beloved coach being fired, this story is about institutional secrecy and protecting your own job and reputation.

“Part of why people protect the institution is because, really, they are protecting themselves because they are a part of the institution,” said director Julie Hanks of Wasatch Family Therapy. “And if the institution is threatened, they are somehow threatened.”

I wanted to be a voice to support having the courage to act on behalf of abused children, and to report any crime, or suspected crimes, against children to police authority.  I was invited to share my thoughts on tonight’s KSL news story “LaVell Edwards describes friendship with Joe Paterno.” My comments are near the end of the story.

Read the full story at

Read Utah mandatory child abuse reporting law

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lance Neilson

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