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Is Group Therapy Right for You?

Women's Group Wasatch Family Therapy  Do you feel like you are constantly struggling with maintaining relationships and connecting with others? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges?

The group setting is a great place to receive support and comfort from other women who relate, as well as work on interpersonal and relational skills and coping strategies for life’s difficulties. The women are open and friendly and we work to make it a comfortable environment for everyone. Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy has stated that, “Members often reduce stress, improve relationships and feel more fulfilled.” (

 In our women’s group for anxiety and depression we work on

  • Coping strategies in dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Interpersonal processing and relational skills
  • Building self-esteem
  • And navigating through life’s difficulties

If you have any questions about our women’s groups here at Wasatch Family Therapy, please feel free to email me, Haylee, at


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