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Don’t Board That Train: Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks

Bluebell Railway 22-10-2010I receive a newsletter each month from Happy People Win, and a story caught my eye about worry and anxiety. It seems as though we often use a lot of our energy worrying about things that have not yet happened or that are out of our control. In this newsletter, Jean Steel, a motivational speaker, told a story about a friend who recently had a suspicious mammogram and the doctor wanted to perform more tests. Her friend started worrying and started “what if’ing”, thinking of the worst case scenarios that could happen. Another friend looked at her and said, “Don’t board that train without a ticket.”

I thought that was a powerful insight. If we can remember to stop ourselves from worrying needlessly, it can help us reduce much of our anxiety, and we can use our energy on more positive emotions. So, as things come up for you and you start to worry, first ask yourself, “Am I boarding that train without a ticket?”
Creative Commons License photo credit: Karen Roe

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