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4 Ways To Manage Smartphones & Family Relationships: Good Things Utah

4 Ways To Manage Smartphones & Family Relationships: Good Things Utah

Smartphones are here to stay, and they can be a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends, work in our careers, and keep up on what’s going on in the world. However, in some ways they are becoming a huge problem for so many families. Kids and adults are so connected to our phones that we often become disconnected from each other! Here are some tips to manage tech overload and scale back:

Have No-Phone Zones at Meals

When it’s meal time (either at home or at a restaurant), put the phones away. This is an opportunity to really engage with each other, and kids especially need to learn those important communication skills of how to keep a conversation going.

Have Phone-Free Pillow Talk Nightly

It’s so easy for a couple to both be on their phones as they’re laying in bed, but set them aside so the two of you can spend some time talking sans technology. We need uninterrupted face-to-face time to be together. All the research shows that being on your phone in bed impacts your relationship. 

Charge Phones Outside of the Bedroom

If your child has his/ her phone in the room at night, I guarantee your child is on it! Kids may not yet have the self-control to put it away at night (many adults don’t either!), so you as a parent need to set a boundary so they get their sleep. Make it a rule that phones are charged overnight out of the room. 

Be Where Your Feet Are

We need to be present together as human beings. If you’re in the park, get off Facebook and be with your kid! This saying is a great reminder that sometimes we need to just set technology aside and be with those who are physically present with us.

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