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LDS Women’s Titles and Names Survey Controversy: Mormon Matters Podcast

LDS Women’s Titles and Names Survey Controversy: Mormon Matters Podcast

For those of you who follow me on social media, you know how much I love to post articles that invite online discussions. I am usually fairly accurate about predicting which posts will generate a lot of interest and discussion. However, sometimes I am taken by surprise at the intensity of responses to particular posts and articles. That happened a week ago when I posted this link to this Salt Lake Tribune article by Peggy Fletcher Stack on Facebook about a survey and results asking for input about Mormon women’s names and titles. Within in minutes people started reacting and commenting and this flurry went on for several days, and was incredibly passionate. Read for yourself!

During this online discussion I was talking with Dan Wotherspoon, host of Mormon Matters Podcast and I mentioned to him the intense reaction to my Facebook post. We decided to do a podcast interview about the study and findings, and then I’d weigh in and discuss themes in the online reaction, and reasons why this particular discussion was hitting a nerve.

Here’s a blurb from the Mormon Matters podcast page and links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

This Mormon Matters episode, featuring SquareTwo board member and one of the writers of the article analyzing the survey’s results, Neylan McBaine, and Mormon therapist and writer about women’s issues and group dynamics, Julie de Azevedo Hanks, examines the survey and its findings, but also the interesting feedback it has received. What do these responses say about today’s Mormonism, especially in relation to non-correlated, non-official efforts to open up discussions about and propose potential solutions to issues that negatively affect many LDS women?

For links to all of the resources discussed in this podcast visit

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