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Rocky Mountain Summit of Sex & Intimacy September 23-24

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Wasatch Family Therapy is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Rocky Mountain Summit of Sex & Intimacy, which will take place September 23-24th at the Courtyard Marriott in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The two-day summit will include two speakers: Dr. Emily Nagoski, an educator, researcher, and writer about such topics as consent, relationships, and sexual confidence, and Gina Ogden, a pioneer in the field of sex therapy who has (among other things) developed a model explaining how one’s sexuality is integrated with one’s spirituality, heart, and mind. Nagoski and Ogden’s combined expertise makes this summit a holistic experience about how science and spirituality both inform our intimate relationships.

Whether you’re a mental health professional or are simply wanting to further understand your sexuality, we hope you’ll consider joining us for this summit! Click here for event information (including how to buy your ticket and lodging options).



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