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Reflections on Brené Brown’s Book Rising Strong: Dr. Julie Hanks on Studio 5

For this segment of Studio 5, I wanted to change things up a bit and offer my perspective on another therapist’s work. Dr. Brené Brown has become a household name since her famous TED talk a few years ago. To say I’m a huge admirer of hers would be an understatement; the insight she offers about vulnerability, shame, and courage are transforming our culture. This week, I sat down with Brooke to talk about Brené’s new book “Rising Strong.”

The book is divided into three sections, and the first of these is called The Reckoning. This has to do with waking up to our own experiences, walking into our stories, acknowledging and leaning in to our emotions, and getting curious about our feelings. These ideas resonated with me very personally. Several months ago, my youngest daughter had yet another conversation about her messy bedroom that ended in tears and slammed doors. I began to question why this particular problem was eating away at me. Why was it such a big deal?

Next is The Rumbling. This has to do with determining the root reasons of our feelings. I realized that my beef with my daughter wasn’t about her bedroom at all; it was about my own fears and insecurities and the stories I was telling myself that I was not being a good mom, not teaching her things she would need to know as an adult. The problem was not my sweet girl’s at all; it was all my own.

And finally, the last section of this life-changing book is called The Revolution. This is where we take action and change the ending of our own story. Having had my epiphany, I gathered the courage to approach my daughter, apologize, and explain why I was so ticked about the state of her bedroom. This feud we’d been having could have gone on for years and seriously damaged our relationship, but by owning my feelings, figuring out their cause, and acting to change my story, I could express my emotions and heal the rift between us. And just as an added bonus: my daughter immediately went and cleaned her room!

As you can probably tell, I am very passionate about the wisdom offered in this book. I cannot recommend “Rising Strong” enough. It’s an absolute must-read!

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