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Dangers of Over Scheduling Your Child (part 1): B98.7

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, we did 1 (maybe 2) extra-curricular activities. It was soccer or piano or dance or drama or art class…not all of the above.

These days it seems that many well-meaning parents spend most of their after school time in the car, rushing around to pick up and drop off children from multiple activities.

  • What’s this over scheduling about?
  • Is it fear of our child being “left behind” if he doesn’t start playing football by age 5?
  • Is it that we want our kids to be so busy that they don’t get into trouble?

I chatted with Todd and Erin at B98.7 radio about this very topic – the struggle for parents and families to find a balance in after-school activities and down time. It IS important for us, as parents, to reflect on our motives and intentions so we don’t inadvertently need our child to meet our needs or fulfill OUR dreams…

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Listen to part 2 here

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