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May is Date Your Mate Month! Kathleen Baxter, AMFT – Interview on KUTV

May is “date your mate” month! Wasatch Family Therapy’s Kathleen Baxter, AMFT, recently sat down for an interview on KUTV to discuss ways to keep marriage relationships strong and healthy. But first, she explained some of the biggest obstacles couples may face:

Some may panic when they realize they don’t feel the same way about their partner¬†as they once did. But it is normal and expected for a relationship to change after marriage, so it isn’t necessarily an indication of a problem. Also, many couples “stop” being spouses because they are now parents. A couple’s devotion to their children can unfortunately lessen their devotion to each other.

What are some ways that loving partners can overcome such obstacles and bring back the spark? Very simply things, like doing chores together and sharing responsibilities can increase emotional intimacy. Also, when it comes to sex, couples need to communicate! Have the courage to talk about your desires, needs, and questions.

Kathleen recommends the book “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson.

If you find yourself struggling in intimate relationships or in need of a “tune-up,” contact us for help.

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