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Creating Reasonable Resolutions: Monette Cash on Fox 13 Salt Lake City

It’s that time again. The New Year is a time when so many of us resolve to create change. We want to change our love life, change our waistline, or change our career. But it can become frustrating when the changes we desire don’t always happen the way we envisioned.

LCSW Monette Cash sat down with Dave Nemeth on Fox 13 Salt Lake City to discuss ways to create reasonable resolutions. She suggests that instead of making lofty resolutions, we instead make mini habits to practice on a daily basis that will eventually lead us to our goals.

Monette gives four areas in which to create resolutions. Physical (our bodies, health), psychological (self-talk, coping strategies, emotions), social (relationships, outreach), and spiritual (our passion and what makes us feel alive). By identifying small steps to reach those resolutions, we’l be able to create that change for the new year that we desire.

Watch the clip above for more.



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