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Understanding Mormon Guilt and Shame: Julie Hanks fMh Podcast

Understanding Mormon Guilt and Shame

Last summer I attended a week-long training based on the shame and vulnerability research or Brene’ Brown’s. When Lindsay asked me to record another fMh Podcast on shame and guilt in the Mormon I was elated. From my 20 years of clinical work with members of the LDS community, I’ve noticed that shame and guilt are often collapsed into the same experience. It’s helpful to understand the difference. Shame says I AM BAD, while guilt says MY BEHAVIOR WAS BAD. Guilt is toxic and never inspires people to change, while guilt can prompt us toward positive change. I hope you enjoy the podcast!

To my listen to my earlier FMH podcast about the importance of self-care during, click here.

Also, my book “The Burnout Cure; An Emotional Guide for Overwhelmed Women” expounds on these ideas.

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