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Are You Self-Aware or Self-Absorbed?: Julie Hanks, LCSW on Studio 5

We each have a long list of personal responsibilities: our finances, careers, bodies, families, etc. It’s critical to be aware of our lives and our needs. But when does self-awareness become self-obsession? Do we think about ourselves too much?  Here’s how to determine if you’re self-aware or self-absorbed:

Are you usually the center of attention? Do you monopolize conversations? Are all your social media updates about yourself? If so, you may be self-absorbed. Try instead to balance the attention you give to yourself and to others. Remember that everyone needs to be recognized, celebrated, and validated.

People who are self-absorbed are often insecure and need love and validation from other people because they are coming from a place of pain. Self-aware individuals can accept praise, but aren’t needy for the attention.

There’s often a fine line between being self-aware and self-absorbed. It’s a good idea to examine your life and decide where you are on the spectrum, and, if necessary, make a change or two.


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