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Learn How to Ride the Wave with DBT Therapy

WAVERelationships can sometimes bring distress and for some, emotions feel like a Tsunami! An effective form of therapy can help reduces the size of emotional waves and find balance DURING the storm  (not just AFTER the storm like most traditional therapies). Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapy that teaches both self-acceptance AND self-improvement. For example, Jan was in therapy to learn how to cope with her rebellious teen daughter. One statement she made over and over was, “I am a terrible mom!” She had a long list of reasons to support this belief and spent a great deal of time obsessing over why she was not a good mom. Jan reacted by yelling, criticizing, and using extreme forms of punishment which caused her daughter to become withdrawn and increased alienation. Using DBT, she was able to identify and accept her feelings of inadequacy as a mom, but then learned skills to regulate intense emotions, leading to a more effective way of communicating with her teen and ultimately, a loving relationship.  DBT helped Jan move from her view of  “what I am doing wrong” to “what I can do right”.  Jan realized judging and criticizing  herself actually kept her in pain and worsened her relationships.

Studies show DBT strengthens a persons ability to handle distress wtihout acting destructively. DBT works because it is a strength-based approach. People can learn how to become resilient. The focus of DBT treatment is on learning ways to be more effective, not on the overwhelming emotions that at times, can over-ride logic.  How does one tap in to equal amounts of logic and emotion? DBT uses a techniqe called “Wise Mind” and  teaches 4 specific skill sets find this balance:  Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. DBT Group therapy is also very cost effective as most groups are 90 minutes for a fee of $50. Wasatch Family Theray DBT groups will be starting this fall, August 19th weekly, on Tuesday nights from 6-7:30. Clients are asked to commit to 6 week segments and can register by calling 801 944 4555.

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