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This Week at WFT 5/19/14


Julie Hanks on Studio 5

Wednesday, May 21st, 1 PM

Julie appears on Studio 5 to discuss “5 Phrases for Perfectionists”.  Tune in to hear Julie’s advice for recovering perfectionists!

Julie Hanks on Rewind 100.7 with Todd and Erin

Friday, May 22nd, 8:10 am

Fridays at 8:10 am, Julie joins The Todd & Erin Morning Show on Rewind 100.7 to answer listener questions and provide real life solutions to your mental and emotional health challenges.

Clair Mellenthin on KUTV Fresh Living

Monday, May 19th, 1 PM

Clair appears on KUTV Fresh Living to discuss “Why Women Judge Women”.

K.I.D.S Social Skills Group

Monday, June 9th, 4 – 5:30 pm

WFT and Mad Science are teaming up for an exciting Kids Group.  Designed for school-aged children, this group will provide opportunities to learn how to navigate of social situations and understand what it means to be a friend. Through exciting science activities and skill building, group members will practice building healthy relationships. Registration is open for our next group starting June 9th.

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