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This Week at WFT 4/21/14


Women’s DBT Skills Group

Tuesday, April 22nd, 6-7:30 pm

Monette Cash, LCSW leads our DBT Women’s Group. A 3-series skills group that teaches basic skills such as how to manage your emotions so they don’t control your life, how to cope effectively with difficult relationships, and learning how to react calmly rather than impulsively in order to avoid unhealthy escapes. This 3 module skill group will run in 6 week segments and
all are necessary to have lasting success. Register Now!

Julie Hanks FREE Webinar for Professionals

Tuesday, April 22nd , 5:00 pm MST

“Talk Time with Dr. Rebecca Jorgenson” Building a strong online presence for your practice.  If you can’t make the live Webinar, sign up and watch the video replay! Register here

Julie Hanks PR Webinar for Healing Professionals

Thursday, April 24th, 7-8:30 pm MST

Julie will be sharing her PR Secret Weapon that has landed her top-tier interviews with Wall  Street Journal, Fox News, LA Times, Reader’s Digest, and others. Reserve your seat now

Clair Mellenthin & Holly Willard presenting at Wasatch Mental Health

Friday, April 25th

Clair and Holly will be presenting on at Wasatch Mental Health on the topic: A Guide to Modern Family Play Therapy.  This is a private event for members.

Julie Hanks on Rewind 100.7 with Todd and Erin

Friday, April 25th, 8:10 am

Fridays at 8:10 am, Julie joins The Todd & Erin Morning Show on Rewind 100.7 to answer listener questions and provide real life solutions to your mental and emotional health challenges.

K.I.D.S Social Skills Group

Monday, June 9th, 4 – 5:30 pm

WFT and Mad Science are teaming up for an exciting Kids Group.  Designed for school-aged children, this group will provide opportunities to learn how to navigate of social situations and understand what it means to be a friend. Through exciting science activities and skill building, group members will practice building healthy relationships. Registration is open for our next group starting June 9th.

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