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Meet’s New Relationship Expert

Ok, ok. I know some of you will give me flack about this. You’ve heard me speak, write, and blog on the importance of setting healthy boundaries, saying “no”, and not over-committing ourselves, right? Well, sometimes you’ve just got to break your own rules! Like when one of the top websites top websites in the US and globally offers you a paying gig as their Relationship Expert!

I didn’t say yes immediately. I wanted to do my homework and make sure that it was worth my time and energy. It was. And I said YES!

I write on all kinds of relationship topics — dating, marriage, parenting, friendships, love…Check out my first batch of articles here.

How to deal with attachment issues after a breakup

Why sisters are good for mental health

Five ways to stop spoiling your child is my baby for now.

Stop by and ask a question, post a comment, share, heckle, or whatever you’d like

I’m always looking for new topics to write about. What relationship questions would you like me to answers?

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