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Combating Teen Body Trends: Julie Hanks on HuffPost Live

There’s a new body obsession among some teen girls called “the thigh gap.”

I was invited to participate on this HuffPost Live panel and discuss how we can to combat this dangerous trend.

Here’s the link to the Segment

Hosted by: Nancy Redd


Carolyn Gregoire @carolyn_greg (New York, NY) Associate Editor of HuffPost Teen

Jenny Thorsheim @JenCoco_ (Freehold, NJ) High School Student & Member of Students Against Destructive Decisions

Emily Rozansky @emmrozansky President, Students Against Destructive Decisions

Julie Hanks @julie_hanks (UT) Psychotherapist, Owner and Executive Director of Wasatch Family Therapy

How can we help teens focus on their unique gifts and talents instead of obsessing about their body parts?

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