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Davis County Office Opening Feb. 18th

We are very excited to announce the opening of our Davis County Office. The Location is 405 S. 100 W. Suite # 250 Bountiful, UT 84010.  We are opening Feb. 18th and  currently scheduling appointments.    Holly Willard, LCSW will be the clinical director and Heather Judd will be joining her. We will also be adding an intern in to provide reduced priced sessions ($50).

Holly Willard’s specialties are: *Adolescent Females *Play Therapy * Abuse and Trauma * Motherhood  * Adjusting to Life Transitions *Depression *Anxiety *Grief and Loss Issues *Self-harm *Sexual Abuse *Family Therapy * EFT Couples Therapy *ADHD * Substance Abuse *Infertility *Adoption *Divorce *Relationship Issues *Body Image

Heather Judd’s specialties are: * EFT Couples therapy * Sexual/Intimacy Issues *FindingBalance Between Career and Family *Life Transitions *Single Parenting * Chronic Emotional Issues *Trauma * Sexual Abuse * Parenting Challenges * Divorce *Play Therapy.

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