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Delicate Art Of Setting Boundaries With Family: Julie Hanks in Wall Street Journal

If you struggle to set healthy boundaries with pushy family members, pick up today’s Wall Street Journal and find Elizabeth Bernstein’s article “The Delicate Art of Pushing Back: When Nosy Relatives Step Over the Line, Be Calm, Clear and Set Firm Boundaries” for some helpful tips, including a couple of mine!

Here are my contribution to the topic…

Don’t worry too much about giving offense

Experts say when setting boundaries you can’t worry too much about giving offense. Remember that you have a right to set the boundary. “I often remind my clients that no one has ever died from being disappointed or offended,” says Julie Hanks, a licensed clinical social worker in Salt Lake City.

Assume positive intent

To establish, or re-establish, boundaries with someone you care about, start with empathy, Ms. Hanks says. Assume positive intent. The other person probably didn’t mean to hurt or annoy you. A mother-in-law who drops by unannounced too often may miss her grandchildren and want a closer relationship with you.

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