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Yesterday’s Feminism Is Today’s Sexism: Julie Hanks HuffPost Live Interview

Have you seen the Huffington Post’s live streaming 12 hour a day network called HuffPost Live? It’s an interactive show based on casual conversations about current topics, news, and events – social media TV.

I was invited to participate via webcam in this interview sparked by the death of Helen Girly Brown, the force behind Cosmopolitan Magazine, and offer insight on the impact of Cosmo on young girls from a mother and therapist’s perspective. Click the link above to watch the online interview hosted by Josh Zepps.

Panelist are:

Alicia Menendez (New York, NY). HuffPost Live Host. @AliciaMenendez

Christina Patterson (London, England). HuffPost blogger. @queenchristina

Caroline Bicks (Boston, MA). Mom, writer, comedian & feminist.

Julie Hanks (Salt Lake City, UT ) Therapist & Director of Wasatch Family Therapy @julie_hanks

Anne Grauso (New York, NY). Ex-model & artist. @copperbite – Jessica Ashley (Chicago,IL). Feminist & blogger.

Watch the segment


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