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Adults Still Feel Like Kids Study Shows: Julie Hanks Interview

Adults Still Feel Like Kids Study Shows: Julie Hanks Interview

I recently interviewed with reported Paul Nelson from KSL Newsradio to share thoughts on a new Clark University study about emerging adults. The study suggests today’s young adults don’t feel grown up yet and that their parents are more involved in their lives than they’d like. Click the link above to read the KSL story.

“We’ve needed to coin a term that describes that time after high school graduation, but, before you’re able to complete schooling and live as a functioning, independent adult,” said Julie Hanks, a social worker with Wasatch Family Therapy.

Researchers are using a relatively new term to describe the transition from adolescence to independence, calling it “emerging adulthood.”

She said that sometimes, the kid is the problem. “These emerging adults are wanting to have their cake and eat it, too. They don’t want the responsibility, they just want the benefits.”

She said she’s noticing more parents having difficulty convincing their adult children to get out of the house. Many parents aren’t charging their children rent, or pushing them to find work or go to school full time. But, Hanks said there are some parents that are reluctant to let their kids grow up.

“They’re really afraid to let go of the role of full-time caretaker,” she said. “It has been so all- consuming for years and it’s a scary transition.”

Read the story here

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