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Confidence Is Attractive! 10 Ways To Improve Self-esteem And Exude Confidence!

Confidence is attractive!  10 ways to improve your self-esteem and exude confidence!

Have you ever come across a wonderfully confident person and just think, wow how do they doWasatch Family Therapy Woman it? Confident people are just as human and flawed as everyone else. Confidence can all be a matter of perception, focus and redirecting those nasty “thinking errors” a.k.a. confidence killers, that can blow your confidence to smithereens!

Try on these 10 tips to give yourself a confidence make-over!

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Identify the “thinking errors” that challenge your confidence and self-esteem and correct them.
  3. Identify the things you love about yourself and brag to yourself about them. In fact go ahead and hang them up on your wall as a reminder.
  4. Accept compliments with a smile and believe them!
  5. When you look in the mirror focus on the things you enjoy about the way you look and move past your flaws.
  6. When you walk, hold your head up high, your shoulders back firm and envision pure awesomeness! This may sound silly, but you will smile, have great posture and hey look you’re your probably not thinking a single bad thing about yourself right this instant.
  7. Extend your value above and beyond appearance. Are you smart, funny, witty, a crowd pleaser? Celebrate all aspects of what makes you.
  8. Be grateful for your existence and all that surrounds you.
  9. Designate a ‘theme song’ something you can listen to that pumps you up, brings out the best in you and makes you feel like you’re all that! Come on, you know you have one and if not find one, there is certainly one out there for you. Play this on those days that your confidence may need a little boost.
  10. Be a constant work in progress. When you are taking good care of yourself and improving in whatever area it might be, you will often find it brings about feelings of pride and accomplishment. Great confidence boosters!


Keep in mind low self-esteem and individuals who struggle with being confident in themselves can present on many levels. If you feel you need support in working on your self-esteem or that you may have other more deeply rooted concerns it’s always great to consult with a mental health provider for some guided support!

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