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Ask A Therapist: I’m Madly In Love with My Ex-Therapist

I am madly in love with my ex-therapist…this is not transference, I truly love her! I never had the chance to tell her and now we no longer talk to one another. This has and is still bothering me. I can’t stop thinking about her and it is killing me inside everyday! I wanted to tell her back then during sessions, but was afraid to and now I will never have the opportunity to ever tell her. This is not healthy…what should I do? (28 year old female)

A: I hear that you have intense unresolved feelings toward your ex-therapist, but it actually is transference. I suggest that you meet with your therapist again to work through these feelings or if you’re not comfortable talking with her, then seek a new therapist. Watch the video to hear the rest of my response…

Take good care of yourself!

Julie Hanks, LCSW

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