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Balloons to Heaven: An Exercise to Help Children With Grief & Loss

Dealing with grief and loss of a loved one is difficult for everyone let alone children. It’s hard for children to understand that their loved ones are gone and are not coming back because they have always been there in the past. Here is one tip for helping children to deal with the feelings of grief and loss.

I’m sure all of us feel like our loved ones are taken too soon from us and there are still things we would like to say to them. One idea to help a child handle the grief of a loved one is to send a balloon to heaven. Explain to your children they can write anything they need to say to their loved one as a final message on this or a few balloons.

Buy a few helium filled balloons and bring them home. Help your children write their message directly on the balloons. Then have them carefully (carefully so as not to pop it) decorate them.

When they are finished go outside and release your balloons. Be sure to release them in a fairly open environment so they don’t get stuck anywhere. Your children will most likely want to watch them until they can’t see them anymore so they feel their loved one got their balloon. By doing this, a child will feel like they have said what they have needed to say that they weren’t able to before their loved one passed away.

Be sure to explain that this is just to send a message to them and because their loved one is in heaven they can’t send anything back. Hopefully this way they can feel a little bit more peace about what happened and release some of their grief with the balloon.

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