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How To Deal With 5 Common, Childhood Fears: Clair Mellenthin quoted on

Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S was quoted on sharing advice on helping children handle some of their most common fears.

GalTime writer Jennifer Lubell explores  common fears likelearning to swim, separation, getting shots and animals. Child therapist, Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, says this is all part of normal childhood development.

“Many parents are confused by their child who, until last week, slept through the night, kept the door closed, and wasn’t worried about monsters under their bed – and this week has morphed into a hysterical, frightened, over-tired monster themselves.”

Clair also advises that a parent’s response can be very helpful in alleviating the symptoms of these fears.

“Take the time to ask your child to describe their fear- what are they really afraid of? For instance, a child who is afraid to have the lights off at night may really be more afraid that you won’t hear 
her when she feels worried or nervous during the night,” she says. Never shame your child for expressing a worry or fear. Instead, validate the fear and then engage your child in finding a solution or developing a plan on how they overcome it and empower themselves, Mellenthin suggests.

 Read the article.

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