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Could You Benefit From A Marital Checkup?

A recent article associated with Good Morning America focused on the benefits of couples coming in for marital checkups.  Psychologist James Cordova, an associate professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts found that those couples who went through marital checkups had higher marital satisfaction than those who did not.  But the real question is who really needs a marital checkup?  Is there a list of qualifications or symptoms like those found on WebMD?

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While some would like to say yes and give you a list of items like bad communication, sexual issues, disagreements with parenting, etc. (which are all good reasons to come in to therapy), the true indicator that you could benefit from a marital check up is yourself.  Yes, yourself.  How do you feel in and about the relationship and how do you feel about the direction your relationship is heading?  Marital checkups can enhance areas of the relationship that need to be improved.

I see a marital checkup similar to going to the dentist.  Anyone would go to the dentist if they were in pain, yet on the other hand, people also go to the dentist to have checkups. They do this so if there is a possible problem coming they can prevent it from occurring. This may take the form of better dental hygiene like learning to floss a little better, or brush in a different way.   This is analogous to marriage therapy.  Those who are in pain can find relief, but a marital checkup can also help guard against what could create pain in the future if not addressed now.

Sometimes in our own marriages it is easy to see where we can improve, but oftentimes it is difficult.  A marital checkup can provide further direction to improve areas of the relationship that could be struggling, and in turn make a huge difference in the relationship as a whole.

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